Costa Rica, also known as the “Switzerland” of Central America, offers a desirable location due to: political stability, democratic government, stable economy, hospitable and friendly people, enjoyable US relations, natural beauty, rich culture, locals proficient in English, healthy and warm climate and close proximity to the US. Direct flights from many international airports and carriers are being offered more frequently. These characteristics also allow for an easy transition from a Westerner’s native land to life in Costa Rica.

The Central Pacific Coast is among the most valuable real estate in Costa Rica. It has been the preferred area for development over the past decade, which is evidenced by the existence of Los Sueños Marriott, Villa Caletas, Punta Leona, and other higher-end communities and resorts in the area. It is a 1-hour drive west from the capital city of San Jose. The Dorada property is an 8-min drive to major amenities (marina, golf, nightlife, culture, restaurants).

Development Property

This property is fully permitted for development. It is the highest-altitude developable property in the region, and offers advantages unrivaled by other properties in the area.

  • 280-acre ocean view property, 425 m (1,394 ft) in elevation
  • 360° majestic views of the Pacific Ocean, Nicoya Bay Islands, primary rainforest, sunsets, coastal lights at night
  • Surrounded by forest preserve to the east, and steep ridges along the western edge of the property, providing natural security
  • Most gentle topography is located at its highest elevations (a geological anomaly) making it the jewel of the Pacific
  • Rainforest aquifer water via one Artesian well, one standard well, and one concessioned spring.


The central pacific region of Costa Rica is a maritime climate with great weather just about year round – only a few rainy months between November and October, but even then, it is usually sunny until 4pm every day. The summer months may get slightly more humid at the beach, but the microclimate at the mountaintop of Dorada is constantly breezy and about 10° cooler than the beach 425m (1,394 ft) below. Nighttime north-easterly trade winds are incredible, negating the need for air conditioning a majority of the time. Although winds pick up at night, Dorada is outside of the hurricane belt, buffered by the central valley mountain range.