Our Vision – The First Regenerative Destination Resort and Residences

The Vision of Dorada

Dorada emerges as a pioneering regenerative destination in Costa Rica, located in a renowned Blue Zone. This exclusive resort and residential community offers an unparalleled blend of health-enhancing environments and luxurious living. With breathtaking ocean views, a state-of-the-art training center, fine dining, and a 5-star boutique hotel, Dorada stands as a beacon of rejuvenation and upscale living.

A New Era in Healthy Living

Dorada offers the unique experience of living comfortably within a rainforest ecosystem, blending pristine natural beauty with modern luxury. Set in a pristine bioreserve, Dorada’s residences are designed for optimal health and cellular regeneration. The air, among the planet’s purest, and the balance of daylight and night, contribute to exceptional sleep and overall well-being. Validated as one of the healthiest locations globally by THERMIA-TM technology, Dorada uses comprehensive environmental data, including air quality and soil nutrients, to ensure residents live in a genuinely health-promoting environment.

Innovative Home Design

Each home in Dorada is a marvel of modern science, crafted to reduce aging factors and enhance overall wellness. The residences are self-sufficient, powered by renewable energy, and equipped with personal hydroponic gardens. Luxuries such as in-house chefs, personal spas, and cutting-edge home technologies for body and mind regeneration define the living experience at Dorada.

A Community of Wellness and Convenience

Dorada is more than a residence; it’s a lifestyle choice for those seeking a blend of luxury and wellness. The community offers easy access to a comprehensive lifestyle training center, where personalized health and fitness programs are the norms. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures, advanced health tracking, and stress reduction sessions are part of the everyday experience.

An Investment in Health and Legacy

Owning a home in Dorada is an investment in a healthier, longer life, offering a legacy for families to cherish for generations. It represents an opportunity to enjoy life’s finest moments in a setting that promotes longevity and well-being.

In summary, Dorada is not just a place to live; it’s a chance to enhance one’s lifestyle and health in a community designed for those who value the rarest of gifts – time well spent with loved ones in an environment that nurtures both body and soul.