The architectural classification can be described as “Luxury resort-style, modern tropical blend of sustainable Balinese with a strong Costa Rican material influence. Attention to historical Costa Rican architecture and material will be interwoven with the modern elements, with an almost ancient feel shining through the modernity. For example, large stone courtyards will blend with modern cantilevered decks to bridge the gap in time. Use of teak wood, natural stone, and green rainforest landscape will be widespread. The sustainable design will begin with a careful consideration of the building site’s orientation to the sun and other environmental elements. Use of the mountaintop microclimate will channel natural breezes over water features and through building corridors, maintaining cool temperatures. The design will be sensitive to issues of resource efficiency. Through utilization of passive and active solar and wind strategies as well as durable, low-maintenance, environmentally sustainable materials, the building will be energy efficient.

The floor to ceiling windows will frame majestic views hundreds of miles into the horizon, creating large expanses of glass that bring the outside inside. Dorada poses the question: Why be somewhere for the natural beauty just to spend time in a structure that shuts it out? Dorada believes in incorporating the natural landscape into villa design. Interiors will have clean lines, lounging furniture with natural earth-toned materials and ambient lighting to create relaxed, livable tropical spaces. High ceilings with fanned hardwood rafters will create a spacious feel. Jewel box quality wood siding will bring warmth and intimacy to the interior, yet there will be an openness between rooms.

At night, the landscape will be lit in a warm golden color, just enough to highlight architectural focal points but not bright enough to disturb wildlife.