Dorada’s architectural style will be a luxurious, resort-style modern tropical fusion, blending sustainable Balinese influences with a strong emphasis on Costa Rican materials. The development will pay homage to historical Costa Rican architecture by seamlessly integrating it with modern design elements, creating an ambiance where the ancient will resonate through modernity. For instance, expansive stone courtyards will meld with sleek, cantilevered decks at Dorada, symbolically bridging different eras. The use of teak wood, natural stone, and lush rainforest greenery will be widespread, emphasizing the community’s commitment to natural beauty and sustainability. The design will begin with meticulous consideration of the building site’s orientation relative to the sun and other environmental factors.

Dorada will leverage the unique mountaintop microclimate to channel natural breezes across water features and through the buildings, ensuring cool and comfortable temperatures. The community’s design philosophy will prioritize resource efficiency and environmental sensitivity. By employing both passive and active solar and wind strategies, alongside durable, low-maintenance, and environmentally sustainable materials, Dorada will ensure its buildings are energy-efficient and harmonious with nature.

The villas at Dorada will boast floor-to-ceiling windows that will offer majestic, unobstructed views extending hundreds of miles into the horizon. These expansive glass panels will dissolve the barriers between the indoors and the outdoors, inviting stunning natural beauty into every living space. Dorada will challenge conventional design by integrating the natural landscape into every aspect of its villa design. Interiors will be crafted with clean lines and furnished with lounging pieces in natural, earth-toned materials, complemented by ambient lighting to forge relaxed, livable, and tropical spaces. High ceilings adorned with fanned hardwood rafters will enhance the sense of spaciousness, while the jewel-box quality wood siding will add warmth and intimacy. With this coziness, there will remain a fluid openness between rooms.

At night, Dorada will transform into a serene, golden-lit haven. The lighting will be carefully calibrated to accentuate architectural focal points while remaining subdued enough so that local wildlife will be undisturbed.